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  • Drug testing kits for at-home personal use

    Drug testing at home

    Use Oz Drug Test kits for your peace of mind. Testing yourself at home is an easy way to see if you’ll pass a workplace drug screening.

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  • Drug testing kits for employee and workplace testing

    Employers & Workplace testing

    Does your industry need a robust drug policy? If your workplace safety is at risk due to accidents caused by drugs or alcohol, you need our quality drug-testing kits.

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  • Drug substance information and FAQs

    Educate yourself on drug risks

    What are the risks of drug and alcohol use in the workplace or to the individual? How can you tell if someone is taking drugs? What are your legal obligations? What kinds of drugs should you be aware of?

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Drug testing kits for Australia

We supply drug testing kits specifically designed for Australia.

Australian standards for urine AS4308, and saliva AS4760 are considered when we produce our products.

Personal and Professional Drug Testing Kits

Oz Drug Tests is an Australian based business that supplies both alcohol and drug testing kits throughout Australia as well as worldwide.

Our drug and alcohol testing kits are suitable for all professional industries such as mining, construction and transportation as well as for at-home personal testing. Choose from a range of saliva or urine drug test kits depending on your individual requirements. We’ve created a handy article to help you choose the right test kit type. Also refer to our drug info page for further information and advice on the most commonly tested drugs.

Trusted Drug Testing Kits

We aim to be a resource you can trust for accurate information and offer you the best possible quality of drug testing kits on the market with a range of Australian approved drug and alcohol tests. All orders placed through our website come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee ensuring quality.

Our delivery service is fast, friendly and discreet to allow you to get this important task out of the way without any hassles.

Drug Test Kits with Quality Customer Service

Through strict adherence to these principles and an uncompromising focus on customer service, we have grown rapidly and are fast becoming Australia’s go-to provider of premium drug testing products and services for corporations, government agencies, businesses, homes and laboratories across Australia.

Received a non-negative result, or need a pathology test?

Non-negative results need to be confirmed by an analytical result.

Click here for urine or saliva confirmation kits.

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