Where to Buy Breathalysers? – A Buyer’s Complete Guide

Statistics show that driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol can cause a huge number of road accidents in Australia alone. In fact, being proactive can solve road safety problems. Most people only see breathalysers when confronted by the police. A lot of people think breathalysers are limited to police officers who have the responsibility to keep the road safe against DUI.

Take part in keeping the road safe and have your personal breathalyser! Let us provide you guide on purchasing your own breathalyser.

How do breathalysers work?

  • Breathalysers detect the quantity of alcohol a person has within their bloodstream. Breathalysers were used even in the late 1800’s when Robert Borkenstein, the creator of breathalyser used a simple balloon which aims to detect alcoholic substance.

Types of breathalysers:

  • Professional Breathalysers – These are used by police authorities on duty. The more portable the breathalyser is, the better. The quality and accuracy of the results are also considered. Professional breathalysers can be purchased for personal use, but it would cost higher than the usual/personal breathalysers most people choose to buy.
  • Personal Breathalysers – Owning a personal breathalyser allows an individual to determine limits with alcohol levels. With personal breathalysers, you can regulate any possible dilemma of deciding whether to drive or not. Here are some personal breathalysers we can offer you for an affordable price:
  • AT7000 Alcohol Breathalyser – Latest innovation with quick alcohol breath testing. AS3547 certified with the ability to analyse sample in 0.2 seconds.
  • AT8020 Personal Breathalyser – A fuel cell breathalyser approved by Australian standards 3547 for personal and commercial use.
  • KY-8000 Digital Breathalyser and Mouthpieces X100 – Digital breathalyser that offers quick breath alcohol analysis. Approved by US DOT that can accurately provide fast and stable testing experience.

Advantage of having Breathalysers:

  • Owning a breathalyser allows you to proactively measure your legal limit whether to drive or not. DUI can kill, and you can avoid this from occurring. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself, but know when to stop if you get behind the wheel.

Which breathalyser model should I have?

  • For personal use, you can choose either from the items enumerated under personal breathalysers. If you want instant measurement AT700 breathalyser that can provide results within 0.2 seconds. If you want a breathalyser that lasts, AT8020 is perfect. It is designed with low voltage indication. For accurate results you can choose KY-8000, digital breathalyser which is also used by professionals.
  • Where to buy breathalysers?
  • Oz Drug Tests offers the most affordable and accurate breathalysers. There’s no need to search for the right shop for your personal or professional  breathalysers. With same day shipping on all orders.

Drink responsibly and stay clean. Be proactively responsible and always consider life safety.

Get your personal breathalyser today!

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