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10 Panel Drug Screen Test

10 Panel Multi Urine Drug Test Dip Card

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Drug NameAbbrev.Cutoff LevelDetection time
MarijuanaTHC50 ng/ml5-30 Days
AmphetamineAMP1000 ng/ml2-4 Days
CocaineCOC300 ng/ml2-4 Days
MethamphetamineMAMP1000 ng/ml3-5 Days
OxycodoneOXY100 ng/ml2-4 Days
BenzodiazepinesBZO300 ng/ml3-7 Days
MethadoneMTD300 ng/ml3-5 Days
MorphineMOP2000 ng/ml2-4 Days
BuprenorphineBUP10 ng/ml5-10 Days
Ecstasy MDMAMDMA500 ng/ml3-6 Days

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10 Panel Urine Drug Test Dip Card

Detects – Cocaine, Amphetamines, Methamphetamines, Marijuana, Methadone, Opiates, Buprenorphine, Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), Benzodiazepines, and Oxycontin.

Here we have the 10-panel urine dip card at work! (Front and reverse side is shown) As you can see this is a negative result as all lines are present in the Test and Control Regions. This test has USA cutoffs and are FDA cleared. Some customers actually prefer these cutoff levels as they produce a more defined line in the test region due to the higher cutoff, as you can see!

Here are some examples of Oz standard cut off level. Opiates in urine instant drug tests in the USA are detected at 2000ng/ml, wherein Australia, they’re at 300ng/ml. That’s about 7 times less! Amphetamines and methamphetamine are detected in the USA at 1000 ng/ml, where Australia is 300ng/ml. The remaining drugs are relatively the same as international standards such as THC 50ng/ml, Cocaine 300ng/ml, and Benzodiazepines 200ng/ml

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This is a new innovative technology where one step is all that is needed for urine testing. This eliminates contact with urine and is the most accurate test around. This Multi-Drug screen has the same level of accuracy as pre-laboratory tests. With such accuracy and affordability, it’s the only choice! Results take 2-5 minutes, not 24-48 hours as required from laboratories. Each urine screen comes with a full 18-24 month self-life for your flexible drug testing programme needs.

Here at Oz Drug Tests we offer 100% money back guarantee ware if you are not satisfied with our products, you can send it back for a full refund of the purchase price! This is just another reason why you should “put us to the test!”

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