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Saliva Drug Tests

Alere Toxwipe 6 for Saliva Drug Testing

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AlereTM ToxWipeTM drug testing performance has been independently verified by a NATA accredited AS:4760 laboratory.

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This is a saliva drug test with a patented collection pad and integrated buffer, the AlereTM ToxWipeTM features fast sample collection, small sample volume and a 5 minute read time for saliva drug testing in Australia. This test can detect drugs in human saliva.

Drug recovery from the oral fluid sample is a key component of device sensitivity. Recovery is particularly important in detecting THC, the active compound of cannabis and the most commonly abused drug. The AlereTM ToxWipeTM has three key design features to aid performance and sensitivity. – Active Collection. The patented collection pad is designed for active sample collection. – Enhanced Drug Mobilisation. The integrated buffer solution facilitates the migration of sticky THC compounds and other drugs through the test strip. The AlereTM ToxWipeTM features latest generation antibodies.

Oral fluid screening is increasing in popularity as it offers a non-invasive and directly observable sample collection. Oral fluid screening can be a better indicator for impairment due to its shorter window of detection and stronger correlation with blood drug concentrations than urine(1). Challenges In the real world there can be challenges faced during day to day testing with oral fluid. For example finding a device with proven performance or collecting a sample from a donor with dry mouth. AlereTM ToxWipeTM was designed to help address these challenges.


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