Saliva drug test kits

Saliva Drug Test Kit – Advantages and Disadvantages of Oral Drug Testing

Saliva drug test kit/oral drug testing gave each and everyone the access to pro-actively fight the illegal use of drugs. With the support of Australian drug testing laws, employers are now legally permitted to keep drug testing kits and conduct personal/private drug testing for their employees (with the permission/agreement with the person to be tested in accordance with their policy).
Read further to see what saliva drug test kits can do. Now, here’s the advantage and disadvantages if you choose to use saliva drug testing.

Advantages of saliva drug tests,

Who wouldn’t like to have a fast, most accurate and easy to analyse drug testing procedure? For a lot of obvious reasons, saliva drug test kits are easier to use and can provide instant results that can be analysed by anyone. You might not believe us, but yes, saliva test kits are much more affordable than a laboratory test and wont make you wait for more than a day before getting complete results.

Disadvantage of saliva drug tests,

There are quite few points to consider as a disadvantage when using a saliva drug test kit. Most conflict are appearing in the time/day a person used/take in an illegal drug. Saliva drug test kit can only detect drug contamination for about 4-10 hours after use, depending on the drug.
Most illegal drug users try to manipulate the saliva drug test to try to adulterate the results. To avoid this from happening, random testing may be something to think about. Not only would it make them fight the temptation to take up illegal drugs, they may also realise what the negative impacts are of using illegal drugs at work.
In less than five minutes, you can have an accurate result for an affordable price. Without a doubt, saliva
drug testing is one of the most effective drug testing methods out there.
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