Drug Testing Policy in the Workplace

Implementing Drug Testing Policy in the Workplace

Preparing your workplace from any worse case scenario is a must. Productivity in the workplace does not only depend in effective task handling, but also in knowing the condition of your employees. Always remember that your employees are a very important asset to your business. Building up a great relationship with them, and this means keeping them safe within the workplace is your responsibility as an employer.

Abusive use of illegal drugs still exists. Anyone in the workplace can be a victim of drug use. Drug use is addictive and detrimental to the user as well as the people close to them. Take control and proactively fight illegal drug use in the workplace. Plan for an effective drug testing policy within the workplace.

Here are a few examples of a drug and alcohol policies,

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Coca-Cola Amatil

City of Albany

It’s important to have a very stringent policy that notes exactly what to do in every instance. There have been wrongful dismissal cases for policies that were too general and unclear.

To get an idea on how to plan for your drug testing policy, read the types of testing for the workplace.


It is necessary to test all your applicants before hiring them. Safety within the workplace is your number one priority. Drug testing is more likely known to be a necessity to government or industrial contracts, but it can also be conducted by small to medium private businesses that aim to keep the workplace safe and employee friendly. You can easily find medical centres that do pre-employment medicals that include drug testing.

Random Testing

This unannounced random testing is done to a group of employees. Most high risk businesses use a random database system when selecting employees to be tested. Because of equal and fair chances for employees to be tested, they will refrain from taking illegal drugs.

Post-Accident testing

This is the crucial part wherein the need to get tested is too soon. Yes, accident comes unexpectedly but wouldn’t it be nice if we proactively approach this matter and prevent further injuries or damage. After an accident, the sooner the testing the better… although the standard is no longer than 12 hours post accident. Urine or saliva can be used for testing, but this should be stated clearly within your policy.

The need to implement the policy: Not always legal

Testing employees without implementing a policy for drug testing in the workplace makes you a violator of local laws in Australia. Provided that every person has the right to privacy, means you could be breaking the law if you haven’t implemented a precise drug testing policy within the workplace.

Are you testing for legal drugs?

The use of opiates today is legal, but these days is prescription based. Get familiar with this situation and never give in to employees who only want to abuse the use of illicit drugs. It is your responsibility as an employer to keep your employees safe and far from being a risk within the workplace. Educate yourself about these legal drugs, and set policies that are best for your company.


Suspecting someone is affected by drugs isn’t enough to submit them into a drug test. Know the alternatives. Have a talk and know your employees side on this matter. You’ve got your human resources team to initiate an approach. It would be best to know their side of the page first before making things worse within the workplace.

Implement drug testing policy at your workplace today!

Plan now and take responsibility of taking care of your employees within the workplace. Take control of the situation and be legally authorised to conduct drug testing without violating any persons right. Put them within your policy and educate present and future employees about it.
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