Where to Buy Breathalysers? – A Buyer’s Complete Guide

Statistics show that driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol can cause a huge number of road accidents in Australia alone. In fact, being proactive can solve road safety problems. Most people only see breathalysers when confronted by the police. A lot of people think breathalysers are limited to police officers who have the responsibility to keep the road safe against DUI.

Take part in keeping the road safe and have your personal breathalyser! Let us provide you guide on purchasing your own breathalyser.

How do breathalysers work?

  • Breathalysers detect the quantity of alcohol a person has within their bloodstream. Breathalysers were used even in the late 1800’s when Robert Borkenstein, the creator of breathalyser used a simple balloon which aims to detect alcoholic substance.

Types of breathalysers:

  • Professional Breathalysers – These are used by police authorities on duty. The more portable the breathalyser is, the better. The quality and accuracy of the results are also considered. Professional breathalysers can be purchased for personal use, but it would cost higher than the usual/personal breathalysers most people choose to buy.
  • Personal Breathalysers – Owning a personal breathalyser allows an individual to determine limits with alcohol levels. With personal breathalysers, you can regulate any possible dilemma of deciding whether to drive or not. Here are some personal breathalysers we can offer you for an affordable price:
  • AT7000 Alcohol Breathalyser – Latest innovation with quick alcohol breath testing. AS3547 certified with the ability to analyse sample in 0.2 seconds.
  • AT8020 Personal Breathalyser – A fuel cell breathalyser approved by Australian standards 3547 for personal and commercial use.
  • KY-8000 Digital Breathalyser and Mouthpieces X100 – Digital breathalyser that offers quick breath alcohol analysis. Approved by US DOT that can accurately provide fast and stable testing experience.

Advantage of having Breathalysers:

  • Owning a breathalyser allows you to proactively measure your legal limit whether to drive or not. DUI can kill, and you can avoid this from occurring. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself, but know when to stop if you get behind the wheel.

Which breathalyser model should I have?

  • For personal use, you can choose either from the items enumerated under personal breathalysers. If you want instant measurement AT700 breathalyser that can provide results within 0.2 seconds. If you want a breathalyser that lasts, AT8020 is perfect. It is designed with low voltage indication. For accurate results you can choose KY-8000, digital breathalyser which is also used by professionals.
  • Where to buy breathalysers?
  • Oz Drug Tests offers the most affordable and accurate breathalysers. There’s no need to search for the right shop for your personal or professional  breathalysers. With same day shipping on all orders.

Drink responsibly and stay clean. Be proactively responsible and always consider life safety.

Get your personal breathalyser today!

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Surface Drug Test Kit – At Home and At the Workplace

Surface drug testing kits are used to detect the presence of drugs from almost any surface or item that they get contact with. Surface drug testing uses a special paper that is used to wipe on the suspected item which on the process can show any drug residue from the surface being examined.

The surface drug test kit’s ability to spot drug paraphernalia can be used as strong evidence against the person suspected to illegal use of drugs. Having a personal surface drug test kit allows the person to conduct surprise drug tests at home and at the workplace.

Surface Drug Test:

  • At Home – While there is a lot of risk around your child, keeping them away from the environment isn’t easy. As an adult and a parent, you have the responsibility to drive their lives towards a better future. If illegal drugs continue to exist, better to have responsibility and achieve the goal. Before things get worse, better make action to change negative outcome.

Being paranoid is different from being responsible. With surface drug test kits, you can:

  • Test your home from illicit drug occurrence
  • Test children and or family members’ bedrooms with a simple swipe.
  • Prevent further addiction of a family member who secretly take illegal drugs.
  • At the Workplace – As a reputable business, keeping the workplace clean, safe and drug free is a must. A simple drug related issue can put the whole company into shame and worst loose trust from important clients. We know that you want to keep your business away from this kind of issue. Prevent these from happening by using surface drug test kits as surprise check ups for your employees. Use surface drug test kits at the workplace to:
  • Determine if employees had a secret activity within the workplace
  • Ready to use equipment to keep drug related issues privately
  • Prevent employees from taking illegal drugs – they need their job like how you need your business from running.

If you are to use these surface drug test kits at the workplace, discuss this within your company’s policy and agreement and make sure to orient your employees about it. Better have a written authority that can allow you to conduct drug tests.

Want to purchase surface drug test kit? Get them at Oz Drug Tests online shop today!

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Home Drug Testing Kits; Accurate Results for Affordable Price

Conducting a drug screen with a home drug testing kit is the best proactive approach for this sensitive issue (illegal use of drugs). For as long as drugs and illicit laboratory productions exist, eliminating illegal drug use will be a tough fight. More and more teens risk to perform this kind of activity secretly, yet adults are having a hard time knowing about it.

If you’re one of those who want to proactively approach this issue, Oz Drug Tests would like to offer you the best and most affordable solution that you deserve.

Home drug testing – conduct drug examination for your child’s risk.

What’s in it for you?

  • Reasonable Prices – We’re telling you, this is way cheaper than having a laboratory drug test. Why pay for laboratory equipment fees, when you can purchase yours for an affordable price? We can do the math and compare our home drug testing kits from a laboratory drug testing fee. Get the same test results but with a huge difference on the price.
  • Fast results – There is no need to wait for a day to get the results. With home drug testing kits, you’ll achieve results within minutes. Laboratory forms and records eat a lot of time if you ask the majority. Our home drug testing kits can be done through one on one testing without first come first serve policy.
  • Privacy – It would be hard for your child if judged by others, especially when the result comes negative. Use home drug tests, and you are guaranteed 100% privacy. Whatever the results may be, approach the issue without removing you and your child’s right to privacy.
  • Convenience – You can take the home drug test kits wherever you go. While laboratory drug testing demands more of your time and money, home drug testing kits only demands your proactive responsibility as an adult and as a parent of teens. Conduct drug tests anytime and anywhere to reduce the likelihood of the young from getting addicted to illegal use of drugs.
  • Accurate results – To be honest, like most products, drug testing kits will accurately depend on the manufacturer’s credibility. For this reason, you need to look for a credible and trust-worthy supplier. The tools/equipment used at confimation laboratories, work in the same way as home drug testing kits we supply.

Oz Drug Tests is a certified supplier of quality drug testing kits and approved by Australian Standards AS4308:2008. We have a wide range of drug testing kits for different standard cut off levels.

Purchase your home drug testing kits at our online shop today!

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Drug Screen Test Kits; Keeping the Workplace Safe and Clean


Major Australian companies aim to build a workplace that is friendly, productive and safe. Without proper policies and agreements, this goal is difficult to achieve. Put bluntly, we are pushing you to focus and implement drug screening test policy for your company in Oz!

Most companies demand potential employees to pass drug screening requirements to be employed with the company. Take the right steps now because the credibility of your company’s credibility and workplace rests on you.

There are two types of drug screen test kits that will help keep your workplace safe and clean. They are urine screen tests and oral screen tests, which both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Get familiar with these drug screening kits and grab the opportunity to conduct an affordable, convenient and safe drug testing at your workplace.

Urine Drug Screening

Urine drug screening is a painless method that can detect various illicit drugs a person takes even after 3-4 days of last used. Urine drug screening kits is personal drug testing equipment that gives you the authority to avoid urine adulteration that most users try to do.

Compared to oral test kits, urine test kits can give you in-depth results that can detect even the tiniest residue from urine samples. This way is regarded at the GOLD standard. Pardon the pun!


Oral Drug Screening

Detect drugs and get results within minutes with oral drug testing kits. Oral drug testing kits can detect drugs sometimes after 1 day from last use. This method is perfect for a surprise screening especially for illegal users who want to alter the results to pass the drug test.

In fact, oral screening testing can be easily altered by using mouthwash which can wipe out drug residue and avoid the person from salivating for 30-40 minutes. It is best to have oral drug screening kits at the workplace which will take your employees by surprise.

Keep your workplace clean and safe; invest in our drug screen test kits and implement random drug testing agreements with your employees. Oz Drug Tests supplies quality drug screening test kits and we aren’t limited with Australian Standard cut off levels.

Visit our online shop and purchase for both urine screening kits and oral screening kits you need.

Have your drug screen test kit supplies at Oz Drug Tests online shop today!

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Drug tests from chemist?

Drug Test Supplies

Hi Everyone!

OK, I thought I would go on a bit of a rant about the misleading marketing and huge prices chemists in Australia are charging for drug testing kits these days.
I get so many calls about where people can purchase drug test kits in a hurry to test themselves before a pre-employment medical, and I tell them to contact
their local chemist. I get that you’ll pay for convenience, but… I just checked out how much the largest chemist in Australia is currently charging for a 6-panel urine test dip card, and it was $18.49…for 1! plus shipping no doubt. They say “we beat everyone’s prices”!… Obviously not.
We have the same thing for as low as $4.73 plus free shipping on orders over $100. I guess this is what they can charge for convenience and have the highest rank in google!
Also, when they market a drug test by saying “test yourself before you drive” is misleading at best! The cut-off levels are much lower in the saliva drug tests the police use. For example, the oral drug test in use on our roads is the Drugwipe. The cut-off level for THC with the drug wipe is 10ng/ml(parent delata9), where the chemist brand THC is 50ng/ml. This is 5 times lower than the chemist brand! This means you could pass the drug test from the chemist, but fail the police drug screen on the road!

So if you need to know a result quickly, by all means buy a drug test from a chemist, but be prepared to spend a lot more. If you would like to save some hard earned cash, buy from us. If you choose to express, we can have it there the next day! Depending if your address is within the express post network.

Australian standard vs American(FDA) standard

Cut Off Levels For Drug Tests

Australian standard vs American standard

Here at Oz drug tests, we offer a great range of drug testing kits; saliva and urine. We are different than any other drug test supplier Australia being that we also supply american standard as well as Australian. American standard tests are much more mass produced, and hence cheaper, so we can pass the savings on to our customers.


Australian standards

Australian standard urine tests have the following cutoff levels,

  • THC 50ng/mml
  • Amphetamines 300ng/ml
  • Methamphetamine 300ng/ml
  • Opiates (Morphine) 300ng/ml
  • Cocaine 300ng/ml
  • Benzodiazepines 200ng/ml

This combination of drugs and cut off levels should be used when drug testing onsite, or where confirmation testing is needed. Cut off levels in the lab directly relate to the Australian standard instant drug test cut-offs.

Here is a picture of the urine drug test dip card after testing. As you can see this would be a negative result for all drugs. All lines are present in the test regions and control regions.

Notice the MET and AMP lines. They are naturally lighter due to Australian standards having a lower cut off level. American standards have AMP and MET cut off levels at 1000ng/ml, where here in Oz it’s only 300ng/ml. This means more than 3 times as strict as overseas drug tests.

The strips used in these dip cards are made from the same manufacturer as the One screen cup, which is certified to Australian standards AS4308. This means they have been verified to work within Australian standard cut off levels. These are the same drug tests you will find in pre-employment drug testing clinics… who we also supply.

American (FDA) standards

We offer American standard urine drug tests as they are a more affordable solution as they are more mass produced. The second positive is they produce a more distinct line in the test region, meaning an easier to read test. Cut-offs in American standard are higher in some drugs causing lines to be more prominent.

Here are some examples of Oz cut off standards. Opiates in urine instant drug tests in the USA are detected at 2000ng/ml, wherein Australia, they’re at 300ng/ml. That’s about 7 times less! Amphetamines and methamphetamine are detected in the USA at 1000 ng/ml, where Australia is 300ng/ml. The remaining drugs are relatively the same as international standards such as THC 50ng/ml, Cocaine 300ng/ml, and Benzodiazepines 200ng/ml

Here we have the 5 panel dip card at work! As you can see this is a negative result as all lines are present in the Test and Control Regions. This test has USA cut-offs and are FDA cleared. Some customers actually prefer these cutoff levels as they produce a more defined line in the test region due to the higher cutoff, as you can see!

Alcohol and Drug Test Training Course

Drug and Alcohol Testing Course

Oz drug tests are in partnership with an accredited drug test training company, and will now offer drug and alcohol test training all throughout Australia. Drug testing (whether it be urine or saliva) can be a difficult area if you don’t know what you are doing. This is why we offer a drug testing course so you’ll have confidence with correct procedures and Australian law.

HLTPAT005 Collect specimens for drugs of abuse testing

Completing the drug and alcohol training course you will get,

  • Training from an accredited drug and alcohol testing company
  • National accredited training in class or online.
  • Ongoing professional development with news and resources.
  • Current knowledge through 18 years of experience.

What you will learn,

  • Australian Standards and legislation
  • How to perform a urine and saliva drug test
  • How to perform an alcohol breath test
  • Saliva and urine drug test “hands on” practical.
  • How to deal with real life drug testing issues such as employee reactions, policy and procedures.

Training sessions  are always happening around Australia. If you would like to enroll in the face to face course, please click here for enrollment form. We will get back to you within the hour with dates near you.

In addition to the drug test training course, you can apply for the Oz drug tests mobile program! This is where you’ll have access to,

  • Cheaper drug and alcohol testing kits
  • Step by step drug testing guides online
  • Random name generator
  • Upload test results via mobile photo to our data base
  • Inventory tracker so you’ll never run out of stock!

Cost is $30 per month.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us here.






Oz Drug Tests Mobile Program

Online Drug Test

Oz drug tests is very proud to introduce our new mobile program!

Upload Test Results      Random Name Generator       Step By Step Guides      Inventory Tracker

This program is designed to make life easier by simplifying the drug testing process.

This program is designed with the following functions,

  • Upload mobile photos of drug test results to our data base for safe keeping and accessing anywhere.
  • Random name generator lets you randomly select names from a list. You can choose how many and at what frequency you like.
  • Step by step guides for saliva and urine drug testing correct to Australian standards. Follow online through your mobile device or PC to AS4308 and AS4760
  • Inventory tracker will keep your supplies in stock, so you will never run out again!
  • Run program through mobile phone, or PC!

The Oz drug tests mobile program is designed for companies in Australia with a drug and alcohol testing policy. Some policies can differ from one to another, so the Oz drug tests mobile program can be tailored to the frequency of testing needed in the existing drug testing policy.

We also offer a drug and alcohol testing training course. This is where someone in a business can become an accredited drug and alcohol tester, and then use our program to begin their own testing. You can save a lot of money this way, by not outsourcing.

Please send queries to dave@ozdrugtests.com.au  or register at https://ozdrugtesting.com.au/odt-login/




Australian drug testing laws

Workplace Drug Testing Australia; drug testing laws.

In the Australian workplace these days it’s very important to have a good understanding of Australian drug testing laws.

Drug testing employees shouldn’t be seen as a punishment or a mistrusting measure, but a way in which to care for your employees’ welfare, and the people around them. Most employees do the right thing and want the rest to do the same. Companies have a duty of care to make sure their workplace is safe for all employees. For this reason, you can legally conduct drug testing in Australia in your business.

Employees should be told about your policies and procedures before a drug testing programme is introduced. You can choose what frequency people are tested (randomly), or for cause (incident). Keeping your employees in the loop about carrying out drug testing will always be the best way to go.

Mandatory drug testing

There are certain industries where drug and alcohol testing is mandatory. These industries include,

  • Mining
  • Aviation
  • Truck driving (road testing)
  • Construction sites (publicly funded projects)


It is a well-known fact that mining employees are subject to regular drug and alcohol testing. Every time an employee enters a work site, they are subject to an alcohol screen, and randomly subject to a drug test. Such big companies cannot afford to have such company destroying PR, so 1they really have to do all they can to reduce accidents.


In aviation, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), have a programme called a Drug and Alcohol Management Plan (DAMP). All organisations within the aviation industry must abide by these strict rules. It is pretty much an outlined written statement about how they will deal with Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD).

Truck driving

We think the truck driving industry will go down the same path as construction, as there has recently been an explosion of truck drivers testing positive to drugs on Australian roads.


The construction sector over the past few years in Australia has begun to ramp up their drug testing. The Australian government has made it mandatory for random drug testing on publicly funded projects. Cleaning up the construction industry is their vision as the industry had a bad name for this reason.

So, in conclusion, the most important thing to know about Australian drug testing laws, is that it is legal to have a drug and alcohol policy in your workplace. And the absolute most important thing to remember is to educate your employees about the policy.

Passing drug testing

Urine and Saliva Tests Kits

Passing drug testing

Having to produce a urine or saliva sample for passing drug testing can be the most nervous and anxious thing you will ever have to do, especially if your job depends on it!

There are loads of different ways to pass a drug test in theory, but seldom work.

Here are some makeshift ideas that people might think to use when trying to pass a drug test.

Urine    drug test dip card

  • Excessive water consumption
  • Urine tract infection drinks (Ural)
  • Synthetic urine
  • Someone else’s urine
  • Sneaking bleach or ammonia into your urine

Most of these ideas except for drinking water to excess, are very sneaky, and there is a possibility of being caught when giving the sample. Usually the drug test officer will be very close the whole time.

When using fake or someone else’s urine, there will be a problem with temperature. The drug testing officer has the right to ask for a second sample if the the first sample is less than 36 degrees Celsius.

Excessive water, urine tract infection medications and sneaking other chemicals into the sample can affect the adulteration test that are used in Australian drug testing these days.

What is Adulteration?

Adulteration is when the sample provided has been tampered with in the hope that the final result is altered. Here is what they test for,

  • Oxidants/PCC, tests for oxidising agents such as bleach or hydrogen peroxide. Some fake urine will give non-negative results for oxidents as they contain Pyridinium chlorochromate. Normal human urine should not have any oxidents of PCC.
  • Specific Gravity, tests if the sample has been diluted via excess water consumption.
  • pH levels, tests for the presence of alkaline or acidic adulterants. Values outside of the normal range (4.0 to 9.0) will be considered to be altered.
  • Nitrate, as found in some commercially sold adulterants to pass drug tests. Nitrate should not be found normal human urine.
  • Glutaraldehyde, tests for the presence of aldehyde. Again this chemical is found in some commercial products to help pass drug testing, and shouldn’t be found in normal human urine.
  • Creatinine, is a waste product or creatine. An amino acid found in human muscle. Like specific gravity, this test will show if the sample has been diluted from excessive water consumption.

Salivasaliva drug test kit 7 panel

Passing a saliva drug test is “easier” as the drugs (and their metabolites) do not stay around for as long as in urine. Check out our drug testing detection time chart.

Another thing to remember about saliva drug screens, they aren’t as accurate or refined as urine tests.

I hear things a lot on how to pass saliva drug testing such as,

  • Commercial mouth washes
  • Eating a fatty meal
  • Chewing gum
  • Listerine
  • Brushing teeth and mouth

Commercial mouth washes have to be taken very soon before the actual test.

Eating a fatty meal relates to passing for THC. The theory is that THC sticks to fat cells in your body, making it harder for THC to be released into your mouth.

There are chewing gums on the market to clear out drugs in the mouth, but like a mouth wash, it only works for a short time.

As there are no adulteration test with saliva drug testing, again, makes it “easier” to pass a saliva drug test.

At Oz drug tests we do not suggest using any of these options to pass your drug test. The best way to pass is the most simple. Get clean.

Click here to order a drug test….. SALIVA or URINE

Australian Standard drug testing cutoff levels

Cut Off Levels For Drug Tests

Australian standard cutoff levels.

The biggest difference between drug testing in Australia versus the rest of the world is the lower cutoff levels enforced by the Australian standard 4308.

Within AS4308 there are specific drugs that are required to be tested. These drugs are THC (cannabis), Amphetamines (speed), Methamphetamines (ice), Opiates, Cocaine, and Benzodiazepines (valium). More drugs can be added to a test cup, or dip card, but are not required by the standard.

Here are some examples of Oz compared to the rest of the world. Opiates in urine instant drug tests in the USA have detected at 2000ng/ml wherein Australia, they’re at 300ng/ml. That’s about 7 times less! Amphetamines and methamphetamine is detected in the USA at 1000 ng/ml, where Australia is 300ng/ml. The remaining drugs are relatively the same as international standards such as THC 50ng/ml, Cocaine 300ng/ml, and Benzodiazepines 200ng/ml.

Here are ODT we supply urine drug tests that comply with Australian standards. But we also supply drug tests at international standards at very competitive prices. As the international strips are more mass produced than the Australian standard cutoffs, we can supply these at a cheaper cost and pass the saving on to you. Some customers actually prefer these cutoff levels as they produce a more defined line in the test region due to the higher cutoff.

It’s up to personal opinion when choosing what type of drug test you need, but when drug testing in Australia the standard stipulates the cutoff levels required should meet AS4308.


Urine or Saliva?

Urine or Saliva Drug Testing Kits?


Urine drug testing devices in Australia are subject to different cut off levels compared to other countries. These cut off levels are much lower and therefore have more ability to detect drugs of abuse for a longer period. It is this reason why some companies elect to use urine testing rather than saliva. Drugs and their metabolites are only detectable in oral fluids for short periods of time after consumption.


Saliva drug testing has risen in popularity lately, mainly due to the ban on urine testing in the mining sector. Its rise is also due to the ease of use, such as gaining a sample is non-invasive. It also makes sense to use oral drug testing because the detection period relates more to detecting when a person is “under the influence” and not a few days later. (This is the reason Fair Work Australia banned urine testing in the mining sector as it was found to be an invasion of privacy.)  E.g. Cannabis can be detected up to 30 days after use, far longer after the effect of the drug had worn off.  Drugs and their metabolites don’t stay in oral fluid for as long as urine or blood.

However, the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) has withdrawn some provisions of the Australian standard 4760:2006 making organisations not able to gain accreditation for saliva drug testing. This allows employees to argue with their employers testing were inaccurate or not in accordance with the standard.

One of the provisions that NATA have found to have issues with is that there is no clearly defined cut off concentrations for specific drug groups. NATA also has issues with “nominated” target values, and what constitutes “fit for purpose”.

In choosing which testing method for use, we believe you should consult professional advice/evidence to support proposed testing or possible changes to procedures.

Take control of drug use in the workplace

Workplace Drug Testing

There are many employers that believe that what their employees do in their spare time won’t have an effect on their business when in actual fact it does. Individuals who use illicit drugs may also believe it won’t affect their job when it could have a detrimental effect on their productivity, attitude and the amount of leave they take.

Ultimately, if your employees are using drugs regularly or recreationally, it could be costing your business big money. Australian businesses are losing a massive $6 billion annually on the loss of productivity and absenteeism due to drugs and alcohol.  No business wants to be included in that.

When an employee arrives to work, you want to know that they are clear-headed, focused and ready to start their shift. Worrying about whether their productivity will be jeopardized due to their drug consumption shouldn’t be where your time and energy is spent.

But how do you know if your employees are taking drugs?

Here at Oz Drug Testing, we make it easy for businesses to monitor the drug use of staff. By ordering a drug testing kit, you can easily test for a range of legal and illegal substances and you’ll get the results in 10 minutes – not days!

According to The Global Drug Survey, 2014 up to a third of its survey contributors had attended a work shift hung over or come down from drug use.

It’s also important to educate your staff on the effects of drugs and the workplace. Inform them on how it can affect their productivity and even put themselves or others in danger. An employee that is educated on the matter is less likely to use illicit substances and would be more than willing to participate in drug testing.

Being on top of drug testing in your workplace isn’t an invasion of privacy, it’s a responsibility. As an employer, you are promising to staff that they are working in a safe and drug-free environment. You wouldn’t let harassment be accepted in the workplace so why let drug use slide under the rug? Get your drug testing kit today and know that you’re doing your part for a safer workplace.

Promote a Drug-Free Workplace

Workplace Drug Testing

For employers, the benefits of promoting a drug-free workplace are manifold. Employees who take drugs at work can compromise the safety of themselves and others, negatively affect workplace efficiency and cause problems with staff management. However, knowing exactly how to promote a drug-free workplace can be hard. Employers run the risk of being seen as unfair if they aren’t clear on what they are doing and the rules of the workplace.

Be Clear

Being clear about the rules of drug and alcohol use at your workplace is important in promoting trust and open dialogue. Make sure your drug and alcohol policy is written down and easily accessible to employees. This policy should be discussed with employees when they are hired. Be clear about the fact that this is not about their private lives unless their decisions will endanger the safety of the workplace.


Educate employees about the dangers that drug use at work could pose. Clear and concise fact sheets on cars or machinery used at work promote employee understanding of the reasons why drug use is not tolerated.

Screen Employees

If you believe drug use is impacting employee safety, then you are within your rights to ask for drug tests to be conducted. The legal benchmark depends on your workplace so consult with lawyers prior to any action. Having breathalyzers available for use by those needed to operate machinery is a good way to avoid alcohol use causing an accident. If you have reasonable grounds to believe an employee is using drugs at work, then drug screening may help you decide on your next step.

Act Fairly

Acting fairly promotes trust in the workplace. Make sure that the drug tests you use are appropriate for the situation – in some cases Australian case law mandates that an oral swab may be more appropriate than a urine sample. You should also accommodate employees who tell you they are using legal drugs by providing an experienced and licensed data collector to check for their results. Remember that the legal precedent is that random drug testing is an intrusion unless you are concerned about health and safety issues at work.