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Oz Drug Test Kits for Australia

Oz Drug Tests is an Australian-based business that supplies drug testing kits specifically designed for Australian workplaces. Our focus is on delivering urine, saliva and alcohol drug test kits which deliver fast results. With us, it takes only 5 minutes to find out if the drug is present. We can even help with laboratory confirmation testing.

Oz Drug Tests owner and founder, Dave Noble, has more than 10 years of industry experience. In addition to his extensive practical and theoretical knowledge, he is certified with the HLTPAT005 to collect specimens for drugs and abuse testing. He is also familiar with the current laws and regulations and will be more than happy to help you carry out workplace drug testing the right way.

Drug Testing Kits Australia

For a decade, we have been collaborating with the most renowned companies which produce home and commercial drug testing kits for Australia. We hand select each kit and make sure it undergoes strict testing to be sure that it will deliver the most accurate results. All drug test kits are designed in accordance with the Australian standards for urine AS4308 and saliva AS4760. Furthermore, our tests are fully guaranteed. 

Home Drug Testing Kits Australia

Although created to meet the local standards, Oz distributes home and commercial drug test kits to its clients worldwide. Our alcohol and drug test kits are suitable for a wide range of industries, including high-risk ones such as mining, construction and transportation.

Our Drug Test Kits

Oz Drug Tests enables you to get online drug test kits in just a few clicks. We supply our personal and professional clients with the tools they need to conduct an at-home or at-work drug screening tests.


Drug Testing at Home

Oz provides the best home drug testing kits in Australia. Test yourself at home and get peace of mind knowing that you’ll pass a workplace drug screening with flying colours.


Commercial Drug Test Kits

Does your industry need a robust drug policy? If your workplace safety is at risk due to accidents caused by drugs or alcohol, we can assist with your drug and alcohol testing regime.


Educate Yourself On Drug Risks

What risks do alcohol and drug abuse pose to your work or personal life? How can you tell if someone is taking drugs? Get answers to these and all other frequently asked questions!

13. 07. 2022

Will CBD Oil Show Up on a Drug Test? Australian police use roadside saliva drug tests that detect
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Oz Drug Tests offers the easiest way to get drug test kits you can use at your workplace. We serve to provide our clients with the tools they need to determine reliably whether there are traces of any drugs in their system. Our approach is efficient and, more importantly – discreet.

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