Breathalysers in the workplace are becoming increasingly common, especially when there is significant risk involved and safety is paramount. We stock various products covering all budgets, from a single-use breathalyser to some of the most renowned models on the market. Our products will only feature a fuel cell sensor that provides ultimate accuracy, reliability and functionality.

As the drug testing company in Australia, we can advise companies implementing workplace drug and alcohol testing. We supply high-quality breathalysers for random alcohol screening, automated testing and evidential results. If you need only the most reliable breathalyser, buy one at Oz Drug Tests. In addition, we stock a complete range of accurate, portable, easy to use fuel-cell technology breathalysers. All products we supply are in stock, ready to ship.

If you are looking for the latest, most reliable breathalysers Australia offers, you have come to the right place. Know your alcohol level within seconds with an alcohol tester from Oz Drug Tests.
Personal Breathalyser
A personal breathalyser can teach you about how your body reacts to alcohol. Each person responds differently, and a breathalyser can quickly show you what is happening in your body. Here at Oz Drug Tests, we can provide a safe, reliable alcohol testing device to suit your needs.
The Benefits Of Breathalyser Tests
We now offer the broadest range of alcohol breathalyser devices in Australia. Our alcohol breathalysers and screening devices are fast, hygienic and easy to use. They also provide data storage for quick access to past test results. With the right screening equipment, the risk of alcohol-related accidents can be reduced – both in social and professional settings. These easy to use devices will provide real-time feedback on how to blow correctly, as well as using your alcohol reading to provide you with an estimated time until you are sober. A single-use personal breathalyser is ideal for the morning after a night out and will provide you with a clear result in 2 minutes.
How Breathalysers Can Improve Safety in your Workplace & Business:

Reduce the risk of alcohol-related accidents occurring in your workplace with the best breathalyser Australia wide
Save the lives of on-site workers and drivers out on the roads

We take pride in giving all of our customers expert information on the right product for their needs. Our staff are highly trained and have precise knowledge in the field of breath testing. Additionally, as new technologies change and develop, so does the staff knowledge at Oz Drug Tests.
BREATHO Alcohol Breathalysers
Our range of breathalysers features the most trusted brand on the market. At Oz Drug Tests, we are obsessed with accuracy. That’s why all BREATHO breathalysers will always use fuel cell technology. BREATHO is Australia’s leading alcohol breathalyser manufacturer/supplier.

Combined with the best customer service and world-leading technology, BREATHO is at the cutting edge of innovation in our industry. BREATHO Personal Breathalysers fuel cell sensor maintains stable and reliable measuring and isn’t fazed by mouth contaminants like other devices. Each Breathalyser is 100% checked in Australia for quality. If you need the best personal breathalyser, shop with Oz Drug Tests today. FREE Shipping on orders over $100 & 100% money-back guaranteed quality.


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