The 24-hour urine collection test is safe and straightforward and involves the normal process of urination, although all urine must be collected. The validity of urine drug screen results is dependent on specimen integrity. While direct-observation collections provide specimens of the most outstanding credibility, non-witnessed supplies can be adequate if safeguards are in place to ensure the donor does not have access to substances that may affect test results.
24-hour Urine Collection
A 24-hour urine collection test is a laboratory test to measure the content of certain substances in the urine, which can be used as a diagnostic indicator of the function of the kidneys. The test involves the collection of all urine in several containers over an entire 24-hour period. The urine samples must be kept in a cool environment until they are analysed in a laboratory to ensure the results are unaltered. At Oz Drug Tests, you can get a complete urine collection kit for testing purposes.
What The Urine Collection Kit Includes
Our urine collection kits will offer all the products that you need to perform a 24-hour urine collection. You’ll need a urine bottle for a drug test, and we will offer a urine collection container with a spout and temperature gauge and a urine collection bottle beaker style with a spout. When you need to perform a urine specimen collection, you’ll find all the essentials at Oz Drug Tests. Our urine collection cup beaker style with a spout is ideal for the initial supply of urine samples, and the subsequent pour off into transport vials. The cup is durable and features a break-resistant design. That makes it flexible enough for squeezing on sides to direct pour off for convenient specimen transfer into transport vial.  The cup features a compact design, pour spout for easy transfer, and it’s available with a temperature strip.

You’ll need to provide several large containers and store the urine for the analysis. You can find a range of urine collection containers at Oz Drug Tests that will help you collect and store urine safely. Find a storage place to keep the urine out of the heat that may confound the results. All urine must be collected within 24 hours. The final sample can be taken precisely 24-hour after the first urination.
Purpose Of The Urine Collection Test
The 24-hour urine collection test can provide helpful information about the concentration of protein, hormones, minerals and other chemicals in the urine. This can help in the diagnosis of kidney disease, which may be associated with various health conditions, including:

Diabetic nephropathy
Lupus nephritis
Recurrent urinary tract infections
Blockage of the urinary tract
Alport syndrome
Nephrotic syndrome
Polycystic kidney disease
Interstitial nephritis

A 24-hour urine sample may be requested instead of a random urine sample because amounts of various substances in the urine changes during a day. By collecting all urine for 24 hours, the amount of the substance being measured in the urine can be averaged over the entire day and will indicate what is going on in the body.


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