When high-quality tests and accurate results are essential, you need a provider that can deliver. Whether you need quick results or a large order, Oz Drug Tests provide excellent customer service and top-of-the-line products to achieve desired results catered to each client. When you need drug testing supplies, browse through our wide selection of supplies to find what you need. At Oz Drug Tests, drug testing equipment provides quick and easy handling and precise and transparent evaluation. Our devices and diagnostics equipment are hygienic and non-invasive – and our stringent quality controls ensure reliable and trustworthy results. In addition, our range of drug and alcohol screening instruments are used throughout the industrial setting to improve workplace safety.

We are continually looking for innovative products that improve health and workplace safety. At Oz Drug Tests, we’re here to provide you with the highest quality drug testing supplies, leaving you with accurate and trustworthy results for all your drug testing needs. Covering a wide range of testing options, from alcohol to banned substances, you can be sure that we’re one of Australia’s best drug testing supply companies. Our products will provide you with the results you can trust.

Drug Testing Supplies

Drug testing plays an integral part in maintaining a safe and productive workplace environment. Unfortunately, drug usage in the workplace is associated with decreased productivity, loss of inventory due to theft, increased workplace accidents, lost time at work, serious health problems, dysfunctional communication, impaired judgment, and disregard for the safety of self and others. Oz Drug Tests will be your number one provider and supplier of comprehensive drug testing supplies. We carry a large inventory of products to help cover all your needs for drug testing, all extensively tested to ensure their accuracy in providing you with the correct results that you depend on. The drug testing supplies offered by Oz Drug Tests can detect drugs of specific classes with a high degree of reliability. We carry drug testing supplies of all kinds, including specimen cups and containers, test strips, saliva tests, powder gloves, and disposable face masks, all made to bring you accurate results. For more information on our products or learn more about any specific drug testing supplies, get in touch with us today.

We can deliver on the continued supply of high-grade, quality assured on-site drug testing kits, which will be the cornerstone of any successful workplace program. Oz Drug Tests specialise in leading-edge drug and alcohol testing products that guarantee quality and reliability for Australian workplace safety programs and their employees. Supplying organisations across a range of industries, Oz Drug Tests can deliver on continued supply as well as the required technical support.

We carry all of the resources you need to install a consistent and compliant workplace drug testing policy successfully. Oz Drug Tests is a convenient one-stop shop for the most affordable tools required to complement your order of drug testing kits. Explore our collection of drug testing supplies today.


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