What Is A Saliva Drug Test?
This device can be administered on-site without medical supervision. On top of that, a saliva drug test offers an easy fluid collection chamber and provides quick results. The ability to observe the donor nearly eliminates any chance of adulteration.
Oral Drug Testing Kits: Saliva Drug Test Kits
Oral mouth swab drug test kits test saliva and are ideal drug test kits for employers looking for drug testing kits for the workplace. Saliva drug testing kits are becoming increasingly popular for on-site drug testing in Australia. Some oral drug test kits also incorporate an alcohol test. Explore our range of saliva drug test kits ranging from single-use to at-home saliva drug test devices or large packs for the workplace.

We stock the most comprehensive range of reliable, accurate saliva drug testing kits Australia wide. Even if you are unsure which, oral drug tests would best suit your needs. You can contact our customer support team and have them help you with your decision. Our devices can be used as part of an internal in-house testing program or provided by an existing testing provider.

The saliva drug tests are a rapid method of detecting drugs. In contrast to urine tests, a manipulation of saliva samples is almost impossible because the test can be monitored at any time without harming the privacy of the test person.
How Does A Saliva Drug Test Work?

The collector will provide the donor with the swab portion of the saliva test, which resembles a lollipop sponge.
The donor will rub the mouth swab against the inside of their cheeks and under their tongue until a saliva specimen is collected.
The saturated swab specimen will then be returned to the collector, who will insert the sponge into the saliva specimen container.
Once the sample has soaked through and reacted with the test strips, the panels will display coloured lines, indicating a negative or non-negative drug test result.

Our saliva drug tests can detect the following:

Cocaine (50ng/ml)
Methamphetamine (50 ng/ml)
Benzodiazepines (Oxazepam 10ng/ml)
THC metabolites (15ng/ml)
Opiates (50ng/ml)
Amphetamines (50ng/ml)
Oxycodone (40ng/ml)
Ecstasy MDMA (50ng/ml) – One of the only tests in Australia to detect MDMA!
Alcohol at 0.02%, 0.08%, 0.15%, or 0.30%BAC

What Are The Benefits Of Saliva Drug Tests
All the saliva drug testing kits have a shorter window of detection than the urine drug tests. That’s why they are ideal for workplace drug testing, where you wish to know if someone is under the influence of drugs while at work. If you need to establish if someone has appropriate levels to return to work if they have taken a drug, browse through our wide range of best saliva drug kits Australia-wide. You’ll be able to test your employees quickly and get reliable and accurate results.


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