Drug tests from chemist?

Hi Everyone!
OK, I thought I would go on a bit of a rant about the misleading marketing and huge prices chemists in Australia are charging for drug testing kits these days.
I get so many calls about where people can purchase drug test kits in a hurry to test themselves before a pre employment medical, and I tell them to contact
their local chemist. I get that you’ll pay for convenience, but… I just checked out how much the largest chemist in Australia is currently charging for a 6-panel urine test dip card, and it was $18.49…for 1! plus shipping no doubt. They say “we beat everyone’s prices”!… Obviously not.
We have the same thing for as low as $4.73 plus free shipping for orders over $100. I guess this is what they can charge for convenience and having the highest rank in google!
Also, when they market a drug test by saying “test yourself before you drive” is misleading at best! The cut off levels are
much lower in the saliva drug tests the police use. For example, the oral drug test in use on our roads is the Drugwipe. The cut off level for THC with the drugwipe is 10ng/ml(parent delata9), where the chemist brand THC is 50ng/ml. This is 5 times lower than the
chemist brand! This means you could pass the drug test from the chemist, but fail the police drug screen on the road!

So if you need to know a result quickly, by all means buy a drug test from a chemist, but be prepared to spend a lot more. If would like to save some hard earned cash, buy from us. If you choose express, we can have it there the next day! Depending on your delivery address.

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