Pathology drug testing

Onsite drug testing in Australia mostly use instant drug test kits that give a result within around 5 minutes. This is the most affordable way to conduct drug testing in Australia and is backed by Australian standards AS4308 (urine) and AS4760 (saliva).

Some companies have a different approach due to high risk industries such as some aviation jobs, where they will bypass instant drug test kits and go straight to pathology. This way takes a lot longer to get a result but is considered by the courts as the “gold standard” as they use mass spectrometry to analyse samples. This is a very accurate way to analyse a sample of saliva or urine.

Pathology drug test cut off levels

Pathology testing actually use different cut off levels than instant drug test kits. For example, THC is detected in urine at 50ng with an instant drug test, but in the lab the cut off is 15ng. But labs are far more rigorous in breaking down exactly what is within the sample. Here is what they test for and cut off levels of each drug in urine,

Morphine/Codeine – 300ng

MAM (metabolite of heroin) – 10ng

Amphetamines – 150ng

Pseudo/Ephedrine  – 500ng

Phentermine (used medically as an appetite suppressant) – 500ng

THC – 15ng

Cocaine metabolites – 150ng

Benzodiazepines – 200ng

Aminobenzos – 100ng


How Mass Spectrometry works

OK, time to geek out a bit! Mass spectrometry works by pushing the sample through a tubular column via helium gas. Curtain drugs pass through at curtain known speeds. When it gets to the end it is fragmented through ionisation and the fragments are sorted by mass. Now curtain drugs have a known fragmentation patterns, so these two tests together can give pathology a fairly good idea of what chemicals are present… I told you it was a bit geeky!

Order your pathology drug test

When sending a sample (urine, or saliva) to the lab for testing, you need to have all correct collection devices in place to conform to pathology procedures including collection, chain of custody forms, and matching id numbers on forms and collection containers. We can supply you with urine and saliva pathology confirmation kits for one fixed price. All shipping and pathology fees are included.

So, in conclusion we can supply you with pathology tests at a very affordable fee, where that’s all you pay! We’ll take care of all shipping and laboratory costs for you. Just follow the simple instructions included and send it to the laboratory in the free express satchel included.

Saliva Pathology Kit

Urine Pathology Kit