About Us

Oz Drug Tests was created out of the need for a quality range of drug testing kits and breathalysers that are compliant with Australian standards. Our tests work fast and with a high degree of accuracy so they can be administered with complete confidence in the workplace, community and other settings.

Our Founder’s Journey

The Inception of Oz Drug Tests

Dave Noble founded Oz Drug Tests after working for a number of years in the construction industry. While there, he was exposed to high-risk work environments where it became clear that fast and reliable drug testing was a crucial safety element. Recognising the opportunity to make a significant difference, Dave delved into the field and has become a leading expert. His vast practical and theoretical knowledge is coupled with his HLTPAT005 certification to collect specimens for drugs of abuse for testing.

Background and Qualifications

Oz Drug Tests has collaborated with Drug Testing Business Success, who are partnered with a registered training organisation (RTO)`, to offer the HLTPAT005 Collect Specimens for Drugs of Abuse Testing course. Drug Testing Business Success is an industry-recognised accredited drug testing trainer. This course covers several key areas of specimen collection, including current laws and regulations to ensure workplace drug testing is carried out correctly and the information is treated in an appropriate manner.

Commitment to Quality and Standards

Industry Collaborations

Oz Drug Tests has provided drug testing kits to notable clients, including Workplace Health Assessors, Suremploy and Chandler MacLeod. We are recognised for providing trustworthy products backed by outstanding customer service in an area where speed, accuracy and dependability are crucial.

Adherence to Australian Standards

At Oz Drug Tests, we are committed to selling high-quality products that strictly comply with Australian standards AS4760, AS4308, and AS3547.

Industry Adaptation

Serving Diverse Markets

Having fast, reliable and accurate drug testing is a vital safety element for many industries to help keep workplaces safe for everybody. This is especially important for high-risk sectors where vehicles and other machinery are being operated, such as for the transport and construction industries. The diverse range of test kits offered by Oz Drug Tests ensures that we can cater to any specific requirements you may have.

Innovations and User Experience

Our drug test kits are cutting edge, with innovative features that harness technology advancements. For instance, the Breatho Pro Alcohol tester features fuel cell sensors that can be replaced by the user and professional gas flow measurement techniques. And unlike other tests on the market, our THC 5 levels urine drug test 15/50/150/300/600 ng/ml urine test can detect five different levels of THC in the urine. We continue to evolve and innovate our offerings.

Value and Assurance

Affordability and Our Guarantee

Our alcohol and drug test kits are affordably priced, starting at just $3.50 per unit. Plus, we offer discounts for bulk purchases. We are so confident in our products’ quality, we even offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not happy with your purchase, contact Oz Drug Tests within 60 days of purchase, send back your product, and leave feedback, and you will receive a refund. Our priority is to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Ensuring Reliability

Accuracy and Dependability of Our Products

Our drug testing kits are rigorously tested for accuracy and dependability. We have drug and alcohol testing devices that have been certified to Australian standards. These include Saliva AS4760:2019, Urine AS4308:2008, and Alcohol breathalysers AS3547:2019. Our Breatho Pro unit is AS3547:2023 Australian standards certified.

Looking Ahead

Future Aspirations for Oz Drug Tests

We are committed to providing ongoing improvements to the safety and innovation of our products. We back this with outstanding customer service. With ongoing industry developments, we stay abreast of changes, make continuous improvements and meet the growing needs of our customers.

Our Role in the Community

Various Australian communities, such as sports clubs, can now have greater awareness of drug use thanks to Oz Drug Tests drug testing kits. We value widening our presence in the community and are currently proud sponsors of Reach Out (an online portal to help young people feel better) and Reynella Footy Club – AFL.


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