Bluing Tablets 100/Bottle

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Urine Collection Kits: Bluing Tablets 100/Bottle

Australian standard 4308 states that the toilet used for testing a patient needs to have bluing tablets (Blu Loo). Meaning the toilet water needs to be blue. This eliminates the patient from using the toilet water and passing it off as their own urine.

● Instantly turns water blue… Ideal for mobile collections
● The tablets come packaged in twist cap bottle 100 tablets per bottle
● Meets Federal Government requirements
● Lower Adulteration deters urine specimen donors from adding water to specimen
● High Quality Bluing Tablets
● Just drop bluing tablet in back of toilet before drug collection
● Very cost effective for drug testing collection sites
● Portable solution for On-site drug collections
● Biodegradable environmental friendly formulation
● No more messy dyes on your hands

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Employers & Workplace testing


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