Urine Confirmation Drug Test Kit

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Pathology Urine Drug Test

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Urine Confirmation Drug Test Kit

This drug test confirmation kit allows all necessary steps are in place to ensure that specimens are properly collected.

Non-negative urine drug tests by Australian standard need to be confirmed in a certified laboratory. Use this urine confirmation kit for non-negative drug tests.


  • Two capped bottles
  • One tough transport bag
  • One collection cup with temperature strip
  • One bio hazard bag containing an absorbent pad
  • One block of bar code seals – all number matched
  • Number matched custody and control form

Video procedure on how to complete a urine confirmation test kit

You can expect the lab to test for the usual drugs, plus a few more with different cut off levels. For example,

Morphine/Codeine is still 300ng/ml

MAM (synthetic cannabis) 10ng/ml

Amphetamine is lowered to 150ng/ml from 300ng/ml

Pseudo/Ephedrine is 500ng/ml

Phentermine (a drug similar to amphetamines used to treat obesity) 500ng/ml

THC is lowered to 15ng/ml from 50ng/ml

Cocaine metabolites is lowered to 150ng/ml from 300ng/ml

Benzos is still 200

Aminobenzos is 100ng/ml.

These confirmatory levels are stipulated in the Standard, which are different to the screening cut-offs used onsite. They do not look for any traces, only to the confirmatory thresholds in the standard.

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