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At Oz Drug Tests, we know that the unknown can be scary. That’s why we supply the best at home drug test screening kits and answer any questions you have about testing yourself for drugs or alcohol. So you’ll have peace of mind when you know what you’re dealing with.

What Is Drug Testing?

First up: most home drug test kits don’t test for the actual drug. A home drug test kit works by identifying chemical residue from the drugs breaking down in your body. These are called metabolites. Metabolites can be detected for up to 30 days depending on the drug, your weight, how often you’ve used a drug and what test is used.

Most companies testing for drugs in the workplace choose urine or saliva testing, followed by an adulteration test. The results are quick, there’s no preparation needed, and they’re almost as accurate as laboratory testing—no need to look for home drug testing kits Australia-wide. You can get them at Oz Drug Tests today.

Can You Mask The Presence Of Drugs In Your System?

You may have heard that you can drink a lot of water or use household chemicals or citrus juice. These will mask the drug, but most companies perform a second test (an adulteration test) to check for this type of behaviour. This second test will tell the tester in an instant if your sample has been tampered with or you’ve tried to mask the presence of drugs. Remember, you’re likely to be penalised heavily if your company discovers that you tried to adulterate your sample.

When Are You Likely To Be Tested For Drugs?

Generally, suppose you are going to work in an environment with high safety requirements. In that case, you will be tested regularly for abuse substances (that could include alcohol, tobacco, legal and illegal drugs). Affected industries include aviation, mining, merchant navy, transport, building and construction, oil, gas and energy, engineering, food manufacturing and handling, hospital and medical staff, police, armed forces and many more.

If you work (or plan to work) in any of these industries and you are concerned that you may show the effects of illicit drugs, it’s worth your while to get a home drug test from Oz Drug Tests.

What Are Your Rights?

You must be tested and your sample collected by a collector certified in collecting samples and reading results. If you test positive and don’t believe that you should have, then you have the right to ask for confirmation of results from an accredited laboratory.

What Is A Cut-Off Point?

A cut-off point is the legally permitted limit of drugs (or metabolites, to be precise) in your system. Australian standard cut-off points can vary significantly from the US cut-off points. Go to our Educate yourself section for more information about cut-off levels.

Remember, too, that cut-off levels can vary between organisations, so you should find out what your cut-off limit is before you buy a testing kit.

How Long Do Drugs Stay In Your System?

See below for information about the detection time. Note that detection times can vary depending on how often you’ve used a drug, how long since you last took the drug and your weight.

Drug NameApprox.
Detection Time in Urine
Detection Time in Saliva
Marijuana5-30 days12-36 hours
Amphetamines2-3 days12 Hours
Cocaine2-4 days12 Hours
Methamphetamine3-5 days12 Hours
Ecstasy1-3 days12-24 Hours
Opiates (heroin, morphine, codeine)2-4 days6-12 Hours
Benzodiazepines3-7 daysN/A
Buprenorphine2-3 days6-12 Hours
Methadone3-5 days6-12 Hours
Oxycodone2-4 days6-12 Hours
Phencyclidine5-10 days24 Hours
Tricyclic Antidepressants3-6 days24 Hours
Propoxyphene1-2 daysN/A

Give Yourself Peace Of Mind: Test Yourself

You can trust our in-home drug test kit to be among the most accurate and affordable in Australia. Best of all, you can buy at home drug test online and have your kit within days. It’s quick, easy and affordable.

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