BREATHO Pro Fuel Cell Breathalyser AS3547:2019

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Certified to Australian standards AS3547:2023. This Breatho Pro is the latest brand of alcohol breath testers in Australia. We only use fuel cell sensors in all alcohol breath testers, for superior quality and accuracy!

The fuel cell sensor works by using an electrochemical reaction for platinum against ethanol molecules. This gives the most stable and reliable measuring, compared to other devices.

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The Breatho Pro is a quick alcohol screening instrument. Using the quick screening passive mode to judge if someone is under the influence of alcohol.

Choose passive mode and ask patient to count from 1 to 10…. Or just go straight to active screening with mouthpiece for accurate results… You choose!

Watch the video below for full procedure.

Step 1. Passively blow into Breatho, or count from 1-10.

Step 2. If alcohol detected, move onto active test with mouthpiece.

Step 3. Active test with mouthpiece will show accurate result in BAC

Breatho Pro Features

  • Passive and active measuring
  • The Breatho Pro is a new generation alcohol analyser. The latest technology has been used.
  • Breatho Pro uses fuel cell sensors which don’t react with other substances for best accuracy.
  • Breatho Pro uses professional gas flow measurement techniques, this ensures that the sensor receives only deep lung air which reflects the blood alcohol content correctly.
  • The patented technology of the passive mode, and fast mode, can be used for fast scanning.
  • Breatho Pro is easy to operate with three buttons.
  • The device is equipped with 50,000 data memory and USB port. The data can be printed out through Blu Tooth printer or managed in PC. The PC software allows the user to do maintenance, calibration and change the device settings.

What you get

  • Breatho Pro Alcohol tester
  • 2 year warranty
  • USB for transferring data for records
  • Zip carry case
  • 5 mouthpieces
  • Total customer support
  • Satisfaction guarantee
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