New product – 5 THC levels

Now you can test for marijuana (THC) in urine beyond the basic 50ng/ml. This urine test will detect THC at 5 different levels!

The 5 detection levels are…

  • 18ng/ml
  • 50ng/ml
  • 150ng/ml
  • 300ng/ml
  • 600ng/ml

1st level – 18ng/ml, Very light smoking, or within the last 72hours

2nd level – 50ng/ml, Occasional smoking, maybe every weekend. This is the standard cut off level in medical centres, or workplaces.

3rd level – 150ng/ml, Occasional to habit smoking, every other day.

4th level – 300ng/ml, Regular smoking, probably daily smoking

5th level – 600ng/ml, Very regular smoking, a few times per day.

Know Your Level

The most tested drug in urine is Marijuana. This is because it takes so long to leave a persons system.

A heavy smoker could still test positive, even after 4 weeks off the drug! This is because THC is fat soluble. THC metabolites attach themselves to your fat cells, and we all know how hard fat cells are to get rid of.

You can know have a better idea of how long it takes to become clean!

Take your first test to use as a reference… Then, as time goes by, see your level of THC dissipate from your system until you’re completely free of the drug!

Here we have a very light marijuana smokers results. This result would pass in a workplace environment as there is a line at 50ng/ml
This was a result from a moderate to heavy smoker. Positive results for 18ng, 50ng, and 150ng.

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