saliva drug tests

Saliva Drug Testing Standard AS/NZ 4760 revision

NATA has revised the saliva drug testing standard (AS4760) in Australia. There have been a few important changes released and this article will quickly outline the differences between the old, and the new.

The biggest differences

1. New THC threshold.
For onsite drug testing devices, the THC (delta9THC) cut off has to be lowered to 15ng/ml, from the old 25ng/ml. Further more the laboratory for confirmation testing has a lowered the THC cut off of 5ng/ml, from the old 10ng/ml. 

2. Addition of Oxycodone
For onsite devices the new standard requires to test for oxycodone (brand name Endone). This is a synthetic opiate not derived from morphine so it wasn’t detectable in the previous standard. This will need to test at levels of 40ng/ml

3. Chain of custody form additions
The chain of custody form has a few different requirements. Such as recording added reasons for drug testing, and now any missing, or wrong information will be regarded as a fatal error and must not be used.

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