Surface Drug Test Kit – At Home and At the Workplace

Surface drug testing kits are used to detect the presence of drugs from almost any surface or item that they get contact with. Surface drug testing uses a special paper that is used to wipe on the suspected item which on the process can show any drug residue from the surface being examined.

The surface drug test kit’s ability to spot drug paraphernalia can be used as strong evidence against the person suspected to illegal use of drugs. Having a personal surface drug test kit allows the person to conduct surprise drug tests at home and at the workplace.

Surface Drug Test:

  • At Home – While there is a lot of risk around your child, keeping them away from the environment isn’t easy. As an adult and a parent, you have the responsibility to drive their lives towards a better future. If illegal drugs continue to exist, better to have responsibility and achieve the goal. Before things get worse, better make action to change negative outcome.

Being paranoid is different from being responsible. With surface drug test kits, you can:

  • Test your home from illicit drug occurrence
  • Test children and or family members’ bedrooms with a simple swipe.
  • Prevent further addiction of a family member who secretly take illegal drugs.
  • At the Workplace – As a reputable business, keeping the workplace clean, safe and drug free is a must. A simple drug related issue can put the whole company into shame and worst loose trust from important clients. We know that you want to keep your business away from this kind of issue. Prevent these from happening by using surface drug test kits as surprise check ups for your employees. Use surface drug test kits at the workplace to:
  • Determine if employees had a secret activity within the workplace
  • Ready to use equipment to keep drug related issues privately
  • Prevent employees from taking illegal drugs – they need their job like how you need your business from running.

If you are to use these surface drug test kits at the workplace, discuss this within your company’s policy and agreement and make sure to orient your employees about it. Better have a written authority that can allow you to conduct drug tests.

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