Random Drug Testing

Random Drug Testing – Workplace Drug Testing Laws

What will random drug testing do for your business?

Well, who doesn’t want to have a safe and employee-friendly workplace environment? It’s obvious enough that everyone would love to have a safe workplace. Any act of misconduct that can lead the workplace to a risky situation must be prevented.

Illegal use of drugs and working under the influence of alcohol aren’t safe for both your employees and workplace. It will only lead your workplace to be out of control.

If you want to maintain good conduct and a safe workplace, introducing a legal term that will prevent each of your employees to do anything that can make the lives worse. Implement a random drug testing policy and have the authority to regulate the safety within the workplace.

Can I conduct a random drug test at work?

Absolutely! It is a responsibility in managing the safety of your people and the workplace itself. However, it is important to let your employees know about the terms, policies and procedures.

Yes, Australian workplace drug testing laws support every employer on making sure of the safety within the workplace but introducing the idea and purpose of this is essential.

Policy and Procedures

Failure to introduce drug and alcohol testing policies within the workplace removes every employer’s rights to conduct the procedures. Drug and alcohol testing procedures should be included within a contract and be read by every employee/staff that will work within the workplace

You can include the following on your policy and procedures:

  • Responsibility of management and employees within the workplace
  • Purpose of random drug testing
  • Drugs to be tested
  • Type of drug and alcohol testing kit you’ll use when conducting a test
  • Consequence and procedure if the positive test is confirmed
  • Terms (zero tolerance/3 strikes and you’re out).

It’s important that your employees are educated about why you need to implement random drug testing and keep them on your side and everything within the workplace will be great and in place.

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