Drug Screen Test Kits; Keeping the Workplace Safe and Clean

Major Australian companies aim to build a workplace that is friendly, productive and safe. Without proper policies and agreements, this goal is difficult to achieve. Put bluntly, we are pushing you to focus and implement drug screening test policy for your company in Oz!

Most companies demand potential employees to pass drug screening requirements to be employed with the company. Take the right steps now because the credibility of your company’s credibility and workplace rests on you.

There are two types of drug screen test kits that will help keep your workplace safe and clean. They are urine screen tests and oral screen tests, which both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Get familiar with these drug screening kits and grab the opportunity to conduct an affordable, convenient and safe drug testing at your workplace.

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Urine Drug Screening

Urine drug screening is a painless method that can detect various illicit drugs a person takes even after 3-4 days of last used. Urine drug screening kits is personal drug testing equipment that gives you the authority to avoid urine adulteration that most users try to do.

Compared to oral test kits, urine test kits can give you in-depth results that can detect even the tiniest residue from urine samples. This way is regarded at the GOLD standard. Pardon the pun!


Oral Drug Screening

Detect drugs and get results within minutes with oral drug testing kits. Oral drug testing kits can detect drugs sometimes after 1 day from last use. This method is perfect for a surprise screening especially for illegal users who want to alter the results to pass the drug test.

In fact, oral screening testing can be easily altered by using mouthwash which can wipe out drug residue and avoid the person from salivating for 30-40 minutes. It is best to have oral drug screening kits at the workplace which will take your employees by surprise.

Keep your workplace clean and safe; invest in our drug screen test kits and implement random drug testing agreements with your employees. Oz Drug Tests supplies quality drug screening test kits and we aren’t limited with Australian Standard cut off levels.

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