Oz Drug Tests Mobile Program

Online Drug Test

Oz drug tests is very proud to introduce our new mobile program!

Upload Test Results      Random Name Generator       Step By Step Guides      Inventory Tracker

This program is designed to make life easier by simplifying the drug testing process.

This program is designed with the following functions,

  • Upload mobile photos of drug test results to our data base for safe keeping and accessing anywhere.
  • Random name generator lets you randomly select names from a list. You can choose how many and at what frequency you like.
  • Step by step guides for saliva and urine drug testing correct to Australian standards. Follow online through your mobile device or PC to AS4308 and AS4760
  • Inventory tracker will keep your supplies in stock, so you will never run out again!
  • Run program through mobile phone, or PC!

The Oz drug tests mobile program is designed for companies in Australia with a drug and alcohol testing policy. Some policies can differ from one to another, so the Oz drug tests mobile program can be tailored to the frequency of testing needed in the existing drug testing policy.

We also offer a drug and alcohol testing training course. This is where someone in a business can become an accredited drug and alcohol tester, and then use our program to begin their own testing. You can save a lot of money this way, by not outsourcing.

Please send queries to dave@ozdrugtests.com.au